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Szkoła Podstawowa im. Jana z Ludziska
w Ludzisku

About us



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Our school is small and it is a big advantage. It is easy to get to know everybody and nobody is anonymous. Our teachers know us very well and can help everybody in their development. They are optimistic about our abilities and they stimulate us even if we are  discouraged sometimes.

Our school’s building is surrounded by the greenery. There are over twenty kinds of trees and bushes. We can learn about them and also find some fruit in autumn. But first of all, we love playing hide-and-seek and the game of blind man’s among plants. Yoy could play with us.

Can you swim? We can. We do swimming course from the second to the eighth grade. We like Physical Education both in the playground and in our great gym. We love soccer and we play soccer matches whenever we can.

The school gym is used for other purposes, too. There are diverse assemblies, performances and parties organized there. 

We also take part in some international educational and charity events like UNICEF efforts, European Code Week, Hour of Code, e-Twinning projects. We learn English so we can communicate in that language.